Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Investment Advisor Samuel Oshana, a Profile

Throughout the course of his long career, Samuel Oshana has shown a great deal of success in many business areas. Much of that was due to his skill as a broker. Sam has always demonstrated the ability to make the best possible return on any investment. He has a special knack for starting up a brand new company and guiding it into great success and getting a fine return on investment, like the time he started up merchant payment processor Apex Data Systems, and grew it into a position where it could sell for a fine price, representing a significant return on investment.

Despite the fact that Samuel Oshana was born in Boston and experienced a high level of success in New York, he now considers Miami home. Relatively recently, Sam added a Florida real estate brokerage license to go with his investment broker’s licenses, which has allowed him to make better investments in Florida commercial and residential real estate. He purchases distressed properties for a low price in formerly distressed neighborhoods and completely rehabilitates and restores them, in order to flip them for a significant profit.