Saturday, 15 July 2017

Samuel Oshana and Real Estate Investment: A Good Match

A few years ago, Samuel Oshana decided to obtain a Florida real estate brokerage license. That license has actually allowed him to step up his investment game. He has always had an impressive record, but now he can invest even more in the areas of Florida residential and commercial real estate, especially in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Over the past few years, he has purchased many properties in those counties, mostly in gentrifying neighborhoods. He tends to buy them at a really low price, then rehabilitates them and flips them for a healthy profit.

Throughout a long business career, Samuel Oshana has had a reasonable level of success in a wide variety of business sectors. For instance, he has demonstrated a high level of skill when it comes to starting up new companies from scratch and bringing them a high level of success. Among his favorite projects came when he co-founded Apex Data Systems, a payment processing company that serves merchants nationwide. Within a few short years, he had guided Apex to the point where he was able to sell the company for a healthy profit.